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Welcome to Green FX Energy

We are a group of energy and product specialist who bring the vast knowledge of various energy savings backgrounds. We were founded with the desire to reduce energy consumption for residential and business clients. We do this by providing the most effective energy and lighting solutions and by assisting in completing all aspects of the OPA save on energy rebate process. Our goal is to promote a major reduction of energy consumption which in turn will reduce over all green house gas emissions. This will in turn reduce the demand on local utilities and also decrease the amount of hazardous waste that is sent to local and provincial landfills.

Hydro costs continue to rise every year sometimes multiple times in a year. There has never been a better time to reduce your hydro bills.

We are dedicated to providing the best solutions from your first visit to the final step of the process. From Business to residential our product specialists are well versed on finding the best energy strategy that will work for you and your budget.

Our solutions can reduce energy costs by up to 70% while improving working conditions for your family to your co workers.

From start to finish we are your turnkey energy retrofit partner. Using a proven audit of your building’s existing lighting and equipment we will conduct feasibility study, we will prepare a detailed and accurate retrofit proposal that quantifies and guarantees the energy cost savings that will be achieved. From ordering materials needed to utilizing our in-house labor to perform the installation, you can depend on greenFXenergy for 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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